Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sight For Sore Eyes...

Celtics Basketball is back! Mike & Tommy (Hell, I was even happy to see Dickerson on the sidelines!) were in Toronto to call the pre-season tilt vs. the Raptors. After 211 days, the Green were back in action. Here are some of my thoughts from the first quarter:

-The baseline design of the Raptors court that makes it look like there is a raised A-Frame there is trippy.

-Scoring was not at a premium early for this squad. Hoping slow starts won't be the norm. It won't be pretty.

-JO7 is a man on a mission this season. Looked really good early.

-Nice to see Marquis back in Green and healthy.

-Rondo seemed to be ready to play, no ill effects of the trade machine. Elbow looked healthy too.

-Brandon Bass is going to be a key guy for this team. I'm calling it now.

Enjoy the game, fans. We've waited a long time for some game action. The real deal is only a week away!

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