Thursday, December 8, 2011

CP3 Revisited

Tomorrow is finally upon us. Free agents, trades, everything all you NBA die-hards are dying for. Silly Season kicks off in earnest at 2pm. News is already hitting the airwaves (Battier & Curry to the Heat...who look scary all of a sudden) about some signings and intended moves, but of course the top story is where is Chris Paul playing on Christmas Day?

First off, everyone needs to stop reading into CP3 saying he won't sign an extension. Just like Deron Williams said, it costs them money to do so. He's not extending even if the Lakers got him. Smarter to wait for July and use the Bird rights. So whoever trades for him, except NY and maybe the Lakers, has to sweat this season out and hope they aren't renting this guy for 66 games and a playoff run.

That being said, teams will be scared off (see: Clippers and Warriors) by this roll of the dice and pull out of the sweepstakes. That leaves one option: Boston.

The Celtics HAVE to make this move tomorrow. There are a list of reasons why:
1. Rondo is a head case and all the rumors have already ruined his season. Trust me. Don't trust me? Then trust Shaq. Trust what happened after the Perk deal. Trust he will not be the Rondo you love this season. Its time for him to go.

2. You need Paul in camp immediately. Need him to start working with the Big 3, Doc, learning the system, etc. You only have 15 days until the opener. No time to waste.

3. Short camp. As mentioned, there are only a little over 2 weeks to prep for the season. You want the team focused on the Knicks and 12/25, not the day's latest rumor. We've had no basketball to worry about for months. Time to change that and make it the ONLY thing this team is worried about.

4. Roster purposes. CP3 in Green on Day 1 gives you a chance to land some of the mid-level and vet-min guys that maybe you wouldn't have. People doubt this team (based on the schedule and the crazy road trips, I don't blame them) and this gives them a shot to erase some of the doubt.

Danny talked about a 5 year plan years ago, one that delivered Banner 17. He's talking about a plan to restore relevance to this team in free agency. I believed once, I'll believe again. He knows what he's doing and he's setting the stage for a big 2012. Might as well get a jump on it and end 2011 with a big acquisition.

T-minus 26 hours...

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