Sunday, December 25, 2011

1 More Gift To Unwrap...

Merry Christmas everyone...and just as important, Merry Opening Day, NBA Fans!

I have to admit, I was just as excited for NBA Tip-Off at 11am as I was for any of the gift giving this morning (not the family time...remember, this IS Christmas, people...value the time, especially when you don't live close to them!), making sure the last gift was opened and put away by 10:59.

Great day of NBA Basketball. Sure, we're not going to learn everything from these 5 games, but as I settle in for the 5th, where Lob City (I prefer LA-oop) takes the floor agains the Warriors, here are my quick hits on the 4 games that tipped off earlier today.

-The Knicks apparently thought the NBA plays by NASCAR rules now and the first win is the most heavily weighted. Sure, its a big win, it give them motivation, exorcises a few demons and sets the tone for the expectations inside of MSG this year, but if Crawford doesn't give Melo a gift call, that game goes to overtime at best. I refuse to submit the "Pierce didn't play" card. You dance with what you have. They didn't have Amare in the playoffs. Good win, but remember, there are 65 more, plus playoffs.

-Rajon Rondo is letting the trade rumors get to him, but in a good way. No. 9 is going to go off this year. Nothing like playing with a chip on your shoulder. Will be nice when he has the full starting unit and the 2nd unit can gel and give them some time. This kid could have a special year. Maybe its good they kept him.

-Brandon Bass made me, as well as Danny Ainge, look like a genius today. I said from the get-go this guy was a steal for BBD and he didn't disappoint today. When Pietrus is playing, the 2nd unit is going to be solid. Dooling worries me, but Pietrus, Wilcox, Bass and Daniels will minimize his flaws I hope.

-The Heat may possibly go 60-6. Wow. Nothing else to say here. Buckle in, C's fans...Tuesday might get ugly.

-Many will say D-Rose took the throne from Kobe by hitting his shot and Bryant missing his. Maybe he did. All I know is, Boston, Dallas, LAL all lost today, yet I'm not worried about any of them. This was the 3rd pre-season game. Sure, big games on paper for all of them, but I think all 3 are built for May. Now its just a matter of if the coaching and legs can get them there.

-OKC is the best in the West. I'm convinced. Perk looks healthy (and slim), Harden showed up, just like I think he will all year and nothing to say about the dynamic duo...they're good to go.

Sure, I'd have loved for Santa to deliver a C's victory for me today and I think 0-2 is a realistic possibility. But, if the 2nd unit pans out and Doc can play the Big 3 about 30 min a game and do no worse than the 6 seed (avoiding MIA and CHI in the first round), I say just get there. Truth be told, I'm just glad I'm on my 11th hour of watching NBA Basketball right now. I'll start worrying next week!

Merry Christmas, everyone. Enjoy CP3, Blake and the Clips. Anyone who hasn't bet the over on this one gave away a Christmas bonus!

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