Monday, March 18, 2013

Let The Madness Begin!

Forget Christmas, THIS is the most wonderful time of the year for me as a sports fan. The NBA is in full swing heading toward playoff mode, golf is picking up steam as we get closer to Augusta, Spring Training has everyone thinking about summer and mock drafts fill the blogosphere. Oh, yeah, and March Madness is here, shutting down offices and stirring debate like no other sporting event around.

Look, anyone with a bracket and a pen (or keyboard) has a chance. We all have our opinions, our alma maters, our favorite teams, you name it. The receptionist in the office who thinks a Jackrabbit is way cuter than a Wolverine has just as good a shot of winning the office pool as the guy who thinks he's smarter than Jay Bilas and the guy who gloats about staying up every night to watch the west coast games and says that's why he is going to win.

The truth is: this year, its anyone's title to win. We've seen the VCU's and Butler's crash the party the last couple of years and that was when there were heavy favorites. Now we enter a tournament where realistically, any of the top 4 seeds in each region could head to Atlanta and cut down nets. Not to mention, there are probably 2 or 3 lower seeds in each region that could surprise and advance. That's around 20 teams out of the 68 that could make it. Pretty good odds for everyone heading into Thursday and Friday's first round (Yes, first round. These 4 Dayton games are play-ins, stop kidding yourselves, NCAA!) match-ups.

Here at Ball So Hard Sports, we're trying real hard to take our San Diego State Alumni hat off (I swear, this team can get hot and be playing in the Sweet 16...but just as likely is one and done) and not pick our favorites like we do every year (Hey, Berman had SF and Buffalo in the Super Bowl for like 15 years, why can't I have Duke, Syracuse, Arizona and Michigan in my Final Four AGAIN?) and pick the best teams to go to Atlanta.

With that said, here's how the BSHSB is breaking down the brackets:

-Region-by-region analysis: Favorites, sleepers, upset specials. We'll give you all the tools to pick your brackets and be ready for the office pools.

-Final Four picks: Learn who Ball So Hard has cutting down nets and heading to Atlanta.

-The Full Monty: See our bracket and go head-to-head with us.

Six blogs. All coming your way over the next two days. Keep checking back for updates and send us your Final Four, upset and sleeper picks on Twitter.

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