Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cleaning Out The INBOX: Trade Deadline Edition

Following up today's blog on the NBA Trade Deadline, a series of questions came in via email and Twitter. No better way to get the answers out than with another edition of "Cleaning Out The INBOX". 

Should I start packing my bags? - J-Smoove, ATL

Well, J, if you are who I think you are...yes. You're gone by 3pm. Whether it is Milwaukee, Houston (more on this in a bit), Brooklyn or Phoenix, I think you'll have a new home. Hopefully you like it and get your max deal this summer.

How good am I? Seriously...tell me. - D. Morely, H-Town

I've long said that Masai Ujiri of the Nuggets was the best GM in the league. But now, yes, Mr. Morley, he is riding shotgun to the rig you're driving. Sure, the big free agents haven't lined up for your cash...yet. But, acquiring the right pieces to get James Harden, Lin and Asik, while still having assets and space, was smart. Turning the Bill Simmons "pu pu platter" into Thomas Robinson, whether to keep or deal again, is pure genius. My guess is you're turning Robinson and something into our friend from the last question, Josh Smith. But if not, you're set up real nice for July. Congrats, but keep an eye on that rear view, I think Masai is going to stay hot on your trail.

Why are Celtics fans intent on repeating the mistakes of the early 90's by not wanting KG and/or Pierce dealt for future assets? - Mike, Boston

As one of these alleged fans, I take offense, but I'll defend. First, this isn't like that team. They were ruined by the deaths of Bias and Reggie. They literally had NOTHING in the cupboard, or walking through that loser Pitino's door. The 2013 C's are different. If they stood pat and waited for KG/PP to retire, they's still have Rondo, Bradley, Sullinger and Melo to build off. It isn't legendary, but it is better than when Bird and crew left. Second, this team is still competing. They're only a few games out of the 2 seed and I'd argue they might be the ONLY team that could beat Miami in the East. They just match up that way, even without Rondo. Had they continued playing like they were before the Rondo injury, I'd probably be first in line to say "blow it up". But until they give us reason to think otherwise, I'm all for standing pat. With the cap the way it is now, you won't have 22 years of bad basketball if you give up a year or two for this regime. I'd gladly sacrifice a year or two in the future to watch these guys stay together and retire in Green.

Why doesn't anyone want me? - The Ex-Mr. K, Brooklyn

I don't have all day, but here goes...if the highlight of your year is being a diss in a Kanye lyric, followed by J.R. Smith owning you on Twitter after a lame attempt to trash talk, you're starting behind the 8-ball. Second, you're a liability with all of this off-the-court shenanigans. Saying you'd miss a playoff game, or series, to go to your court case just to embarrass the un-embarrassable (not sure its even a word, but how else to describe Kim K?!) instead of focusing on basketball? Yeah, I'm sure teams are lining up to have you on their roster. Third, your stats bro...worse than the living conditions on the Triumph. You can't make that much dough, with that little production and expect anyone to want you. We live in the world of salary caps, luxury tax and the dreaded repeater tax. If I were you, I'd keep my mouth shut, start balling and be thrilled that Kanye didn't tell Jay to cut you from the team for real.

Have your thoughts on who goes where changed since this morning? - Joe via Twitter

A little. I still think Boston holds their ground, but I'm a lot more nervous than last deadline. I really hope I'm not about to tune in to The Truth's last game as a Celtic. I think Josh Smith is going to be dealt, just not sure where. Houston intrigues me with the 3-team they put together today. I smell something, just not sure if it is for tomorrow or pre-draft. If Milwaukee thinks Jennings and Smith can be the future, I think they make the deal with Atlanta for Monta Ellis. I'd be surprised if Redick isn't dealt, just like I'd be surprised if the Jazz and Knicks didn't make any moves. I would like to see Indiana and the Clippers show us they're serious about making a run this year, but I don't know if either team pulls the trigger. All I know is this: we are 17 hours from the deadline and nothing is certain except for at least one more time, the Captain, Paul Pierce, is about to lead the Celtics against their hated rival, the LA Lakers, on what is sure to be an emotional night at Staples after the passing of Dr. Buss. I'm going to go enjoy that and hopefully escape this deadline madness for a few hours.

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