Friday, December 7, 2012

Cleaning Out THE INBOX

It has been a fun week for the Ball So Hard Sports re-launch...thank you to everyone for checking out the blog and for passing it along on Twitter and Facebook. It only gets better from here! While we wait to see if my Heisman pick pans out, there were so many topics that came through on Twitter and via email that I decided to drop some quick hits on them instead of longer posts. I got pretty into this, so I think it will become a weekly segment for BSHS. With that, here we go with the inaugural session of THE INBOX:

Who has your ROY vote as the top rookie QB this season: Luck, RGIII or Wilson?
-Bob, Washington, D.C.

This one seems to be debated everywhere right now. I love what Wilson and Seattle are doing right now and who knows with this year's NFC, but I think the 2012 draft will always be remembered for Luck vs. RGIII. Luck has jumped in and led an inspired team into a playoff position with 4 weeks left. RGIII has electrified fans and proven that NFC East teams are going to hate seeing the Skins on the schedule for years to come. I feel like this answer isn't final until the season is over, but right now, I give the nod to RGIII.

We keep hearing about an NFL team in Los Angeles sooner rather than later. Who do you think is the prime candidate for relocation?
-ZW, Minneapolis

I think the usual suspects are always going to be brought up here: Chargers, Jaguars, Vikings and Raiders. My guess is it will be one of those 4. Nobody else is going to move. I think the new Jax ownership team would have announced it sooner if they intended to go, so let's say they're out. Minnesota having their team ripped away would be worse than Seattle in the NBA, so I say no to them too. I could see Oakland doing it, especially if the Gruden Returns rumor had any legs, but since it doesn't, they're out too. The most logical is San Diego. They can't get a stadium built, for starters. The fact that they're not good enough to crack the BCS this year means everyone is at the beach or the zoo instead and won't even notice when Mr. Spanos gets rid of Norv, AJ and ultimately, San Diego too.

Speaking of relocated teams, how bout those New Orleans Pelicans?
-Tom, Louisiana

I hate it. I get it, but I hate it. Me personally, I'm going with New Orleans Krewe if I'm re-branding the team. There isn't anything cool or intimidating about a pelican. The logical thing to do is give Hornets back to Charlotte, give Jazz back to New Orleans and let's have Utah pick a new name. I'd go with Saints (Salt Lake City is the City of the Saints) and it would bring this whole ridiculous thing full circle back to New Orleans and their football squad.

What's your take on the Jovan Belcher situation in Kansas City?
-John, @johnhorsenunes

I personally feel like this is a tough topic to tackle. Let's focus on the tragedy involved: a 3-month old baby will never know her parents, 2 coaches and a GM watched a man kill himself and couldn't do anything to stop him and a woman lost her life to domestic violence. To me its not a gun issue, a football player issue or any of that. Its a horrible, horrible event. The positive I took from it was listening to Brady Quinn after the game talk about communication. As he said, when you ask someone how they are doing, are you really asking? Are you really listening? When they ask, are you telling them the truth? We all need to get off our phones and out of our constant fogs and interact with people and be real with each other. Period.

Who gets your vote as the best defensive player from the 2011 NFL Draft?
-Mike, @mtaylorj1

This is one similar to the ROY question that I think needs some time to have a definite answer. Had you asked me coming out of high school, I'd have said Da'Quan Bowers. Heading into the draft I'd have said Nick Fairley or Von Miller was going to be your guy. During the first season it was Aldon Smith or Patrick Peterson (but not as much for D as special teams) and this year, its JJ Watt, hands down, although Mr. Miller may fight me on that. The man they call JJ Swat is having a tremendous year and he could be the guy. I really like Von Miller and they are having success and there are worse jobs in the NFL than being LB-mates with Patrick Willis, so Aldon Smith isn't going away quietly. I'm giving the 2012 award to Watt, but my vote for best of 2011 when it is all said & done is Miller.

The Winter Meetings and the moves beforehand have changed the landscape for a lot of teams. What do you think about the moves and the 2013 outlook for the key players?
-Every concerned fan, Boston & New York

I don't think the Sox have done enough. Hamilton won't put them over the top either. It is going to be a long road back, especially with what Toronto has done, Tampa reloading a bit and Baltimore getting a year of experience and confidence. New York is relying on ancient Andy Pettitte, banking on Mo being healthy and no idea what the SS/3B situation is going to look like for a good portion of the season. I personally like the idea of Youk in pinstripes as a half-year fill-in for A-Rod and a 3B/1B/DH/PH option afterwards. Toronto will either be really good or the Canadian version of the Marlins. Until we see where Hamilton and Greinke go and if the Mets deal Dickey, everyone has an incomplete. I'm a little let down there weren't more fireworks out of Nashville.

Kentucky went from preseason title favorite to out of the rankings by December. Thoughts?
-John, Kentucky

First off, we know how hard it is to repeat, especially in the one-and-done world. There's no need to panic in Big Blue Nation yet. I think the drop out of the rankings is an overreaction, possibly a way for voters to stick it to Coach Cal. They will be fine. 24-6 and probably winning the SEC will be enough to get them a top 2 or 3 seed and then we'll see what they have in March. I don't know that they'll be cutting nets down at a regional, let alone the Final Four, but we're not in danger of an NIT berth for the Cats. Its a new squad, high expectations and a typical case of post-title loss of hunger. I'm willing to bet Calipari has instilled it back in his troops.

Who is your pick at this point for NFL MVP?
-Billy L, Woodsboro

Again, I hate predicting a race like this 3/4 through the season but here goes: Matt Ryan had it early and lost it. Peyton has staked his claim to it but may not hold onto it. Brady and Rodgers are coming for it. JJ Watt might have a shot but I don't think a defender gets it. Adrian Peterson should win it, but I think the Vikings have to finish strong for him to do so. Heading into Week 14, I give it to Peterson or Manning, but I think in 4 weeks time it is Brady who dukes it out with Peyton for the nod.

Fine, you hate predicting things that have weeks to go. What about this weekend...who ya got?
-Joe, @joetheshow16

Much better. No spreads this week, just winners. Here we go:
Broncos, Bills, Falcons, Bengals, Browns, Colts, Jags, Bears, Steelers, Bucs, Ravens, 49ers, Seahawks, Packers and I'm pleading the 5th on Texans/Pats right now. I'm torn.

Please discuss Dwight Howard's it the worst accessory in history?
-Jason, @yayadadude

It is pretty ridiculous. I really don't get it. It definitely isn't helping him or the Lakers (more on them next week...they deserve the full-post treatment). We know why LeBron wears the headband, his hairline demands it. But Dwight? Come on, man! I have to say it is the worst accessory since Britney Spears wore tube socks as gloves at the Super Bowl.

There's gotta be something worse than Dwight's Headband besides Britney's sock gloves, right?
-Jason, again

You're right. LMFAO got a Grammy nomination.

Until next week kids, The Inbox is cleaned out! If you have questions you want answered here, be sure to Tweet them or email us @

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