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30 Teams In 30 Tweets: Vol. 2

On the eve of the 2013-2014 season, muddled by all the LeBron 3-peat, Melo-drama, D-Rose/Kobe returns and taking chatter, one major question remains: where is the 30 Teams in 30 Tweets column from Ball So Hard Sports?! Rest easy, kids, all of the projections, predictions and insanity are here and back in full force! This promises to be one of the most entertaining and competitive seasons in recent memory and what better way to lay out predictions than in our favorite 140-character, quick-hit style?

As mentioned last year, of course you can grab your in-depth, put you to sleep analysis of this season at all of those other sites (whom we love dearly and read as well), but in the land of social media dominance, the tweet-length predictions and outlooks for every team will be just what you need to be ready for the opening tip tomorrow.

Without further adieu, here are the Ball So Hard Sports "30 Teams in 30 Tweets" for the 2013-2014 NBA season, followed by our NBA Playoffs and awards predictions as well. Enjoy and let us know whether you agree/disagree in the comments below.

2013-2014 NBA Previews:

Atlanta Hawks:  New season, same outlook, with or without J-Smoove. Bottom-half seed, 1st round exit. Welcome to Atlanta, where mediocre plays. 

Boston Celtics: Hate losing Pierce & KG but business is business. Love the Stevens hire. Don't rush Rondo, take your lumps. The pieces to rebuild are here.

Brooklyn Nets: Stay healthy, raise a banner. League's best starting 5, great bench, 2 hungry new leaders in Pierce & KG. One of the major contenders.

Charlotte Bobcats: They're getting there, slowly but surely. Big Al was a nice signing. Still a lottery team, but at least they seem like it isn't OK anymore.

Chicago Bulls: If D-Rose plays like he has in preseason, all is forgiven. Guys might start tearing ACL's just to come back this strong. Title/MVP possible.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Does Bynum play? Was Bennett #1 worthy? Is this Irving's audition to play with LeBron? A lot of questions, a year away from answers.

Dallas Mavericks: This team just feels like its fallen by the wayside. Window closed, locked and boarded. Time for Cuban to make a splash.

Denver Nuggets: Losing Iggy is a dagger. Needed to get better, took a step back AND traded Karl for a rookie Shaw on the bench. Middle of the pack at best.

Detroit Pistons:  Lots of new pieces in Motown. Jennings and Smith could make the team fun. Looking at a 7/8 seed and a 1st round sweep. Sound familiar, Josh?

Golden State Warriors: The chic pick to win the west. Iggy definitely puts them on the short list. If Curry's ankles are OK, expect big fun and bigger results. 

Houston Rockets: Is the Dwight drama over? Are they a player away? Is Harden OK with dropping back to 2nd fiddle? A year away from knowing, but promising.

Indiana Pacers: They answered the questions last year about being ready. Can they stay at this level and eventually push forward? George & Hibbert = yes.

Los Angeles Clippers: Can Doc work his magic with vets again? If so, they'll go from covering up the other LA team's banners to finally raising one of their own. 

Los Angeles Lakers: Which number is going to be higher: number of games Kobe misses or number of games the Lakers win? Gonna be a long year for the Lake Show.

Memphis Grizzlies: Made noise but fell short late last year. Same old story. Guessing they drop a bit this year before making a charge down the road.

Miami Heat: LeBron's last ride in South Beach or the title that cements his legacy & keeps him in MIA? Too many contenders, prepare for The Decision 2. 

Milwaukee Bucks: One of a handful of teams whose fans will be watching Kansas highlights more than their own team's. Lottery is a necessity for Bucks. 

Minnesota Timberwolves: Can they keep Love healthy and make a playoff run this year? Hopefully, otherwise it may be time to ship Kevin elsewhere.

New Orleans Pelicans: A year older. Tyreke is a nice add. Probably another year away but don't be surprised to see this team in a first-round matchup.

New York Knicks:  Officially NY's "other" team. MeloDrama will distract them all year. Bottom half of the bracket, 1st round exit, chaos when Melo leaves.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Will Westbrook rush back or take the D-Rose route? If he returns stronger like Derrick, this could be KD's turn to take the crown.

Orlando Magic: Enjoy Victor Oladipo, Magic fans. Then hope you can pair him with Wiggins next season. 

Philadelphia 76ers: Nice youth movement in Philly, even if it meant a step back. Stash Noel away, maybe win the lottery, be a major player in a few years. 

Phoenix Suns: Last year: at least they weren't the Bobcats. This year, before the first tip, it is safe to say that the Phoenix Suns are on the clock...

Portland Trailblazers: Do they keep Aldridge? They are a borderline playoff team either way. With a loaded draft & Lillard, a step away isn't a bad move long term.

Sacramento Kings: Sacramento won the battle to keep their Kings. Neither will win much else this year. The #1 pick would be nice karma and best case scenario.

San Antonio Spurs: Can they follow up last year's epic run with another? Kawhi needs to step up for it to happen. Never count Pop, Duncan & Parker out. 

Toronto Raptors: An intriguing squad this season. Ujiri is doing things right and should sneak into the playoffs. Will be fun to see if they make it.

Utah Jazz: Lottery seems inevitable but there's a young Thunder feel to their rebuild. You never know with bigs like theirs, but 2-3 years to be sure. 

Washington Wizards: It is time for John Wall to rise to the occasion. Playoffs or bust for WAS and they should do just enough to squeak in to a bottom 3 seed. 

Playoff Predictions:

Eastern Conference Playoff Teams: 1. Chicago 2. Brooklyn 3. Miami 4. Indiana 5. New York 6. Detroit 7. Washington 8. Atlanta 

Western Conference Playoff Teams: 1. LA Clippers 2. Oklahoma City 3. Golden State 4. San Antonio 5. Houston 6. Memphis 7. Denver 8. Portland

Eastern Conference Finals: Brooklyn over Chicago. After dethroning the Heat I'm the Conference Semis, Brooklyn will follow Boston's 2008 blueprint into the NBA Finals with KG and Pierce, leaving D-Rose just shy of a storybook comeback.

Western Conference Finals: LA Clippers over Golden St. I really wanted to pick the Warriors here. Love the Iggy signing and think they can go all the way, but probably 1 year away. With Kobe down & out for a year, this is the Clippers' time to make a run. 

NBA Finals: Brooklyn over LA Clippers. If you told me last October that Doc, KG and Paul Pierce would be in the Finals, I'd have been thrilled. Cut to a year later and they very well could be, but as opponents. Doc does wonders with a vet ball club and the Dynamic Duo knows they have 1 or 2 shots at another ring. I think they meet up with their old coach in June and reach their goal of retiring as champions.

Awards Predictions:

MVP: Derrick Rose. I've seen all I needed to this preseason. He's back. Sorry LeBron.

6th Man: Andrei Kirilenko. The only issue is if Jason Terry is really the BK 6th man.

Coach: Erik Spoelstra. The kid will get his due this year. After 2 titles, he will have to keep this team hungry and focused with all the "will he/won't he" LeBron distraction.

Rookie: Kelly Olynyk. A silver lining in this Celtics season. He'll have plenty of minutes and a chance to shine.

Defensive POY: LeBron. He wanted it last year. He'll make sure he gets it this year.

There you have it. Outlooks for all 30 teams, ranked playoff predictions and award projections for the 2013-2014 season. As always, let's hear it in the comments if you agree or disagree and we'd love to hear your predictions as well. Happy Hoops Season, everyone!

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